Village Hall Smart LED Lighting

orange red led lights

A rural village hall was asked if it could improve the lighting to provide a better atmosphere and greater flexibility for events.

MJW Consulting proposed a solution using multi-colour LED strip lights with wireless control of brightness and colours.  A demonstration was presented to the village hall committee who were impressed with the possibilities offered.

MJW Consulting proceeded with the design and installation, as well as providing basic instructions and training to users of the village hall.

The installation was carried out with the minimum of disruption, with all cabling routed through roof-spaces or carefully hidden in the main hall.  Metal "tie-bars" provided the perfect mounting surface for the LED strip lights themselves and a total of 26m were installed.


more led lights

  • The first photograph shows the lights set to an orange/red colour at one end of the hall, providing real atmosphere for the band to play.  The lights can easily be changed to any other colour at the touch of a button.
  • In the second photograph we can see the warm white colour provides ample brightness for the hall.